Feb. 1st, 2021
Soul of Eden: Version 1.2 Card Story System and New Beasts Cards

 Rayark’s Soul of Eden launches version 1.2 today (2/1), unveiling the brand-new card story system, designed to unlock the backstory behind each card and character gradually over time. As the new season begins, 4 new Beasts cards will also be added, giving players a big ol’ boost of power.

Brand-New Card Story System Learn the Story Behind Every Character

 To really bring the players into battle, Soul of Eden is launching a brand-new card story system. Besides adding a whopping 132 background stories for each of the cards, each character will have their own exclusive storyline gradually unlocked over time.

“Lurkein Empress” X’inn:

 A human secret experiment gone very wrong led to X’inn’s mutation and the Lurkein awakening. After the Lurkein mutation, X’inn not only maintained most of her physical human qualities, she also developed a strong body more suitable for hunting. The Soulstone embedded inside X’inn also gave her immense power that was simply… unrivaled. This power allowed her to rule over the consciousness of her Lurkein kin by controlling their brainwaves, even using this ability to temporarily immobilize her enemies.

“Shinbu” Tadakatsu:

 Tadakatsu Shinbu lost his right arm on the battlefield. While he was in a coma from the shock, he underwent a transformation surgery done by the Science Research Team, thus becoming a part of the Eden Project experiments. The Soulstone’s power not only regenerated his severed arm but it also mutated his arm and wrist, making his strikes even deadlier. He closes the distance with a wind-like movement, then unleashes the quick-draw sword technique that has been passed down through generations in the Shinbu clan. With Tadakatsu’s rapid strikes, which were so fast that the human eye could barely keep up with them, no enemy walked away alive.

 Every week, 6 cards’ exclusive storylines will be made available, which players can unlock by completing specific missions. The first round of stories available include the “The Mothership” Federation, Pulse tank, Sentinel, Medibots, “Lurkein Empress” X’inn, and Terminites.

New Cards Strike Hard!!Four Brand-New Beasts Cards

 Following the start of a new season, Soul of Eden Version 1.2 will also release 4 new Beasts Cards: Blood Ritual (Epic), Noxious Fox (Rare), Lupine Warrior (Common), and Wrecker Rhino (Common). With these new cards, players will be able to create totally new decks that emphasize the Beasts’ Enrage and Enhance abilities… as well as crush their opponents, of course.

Blood Ritual

Any ally caught in Blood Ritual’s cast range will sacrifice a bit of their own HP for an increase in Attack Power, Attack Speed, Movement Speed, and Defense.

Noxious Fox

When Noxious Foxes get enraged, their attack speed will increase a ton. Their attacks will also lower the defense of whoever is hit.

Lupine Warrior

When Lupine Warriors get enraged, their attack speed will increase greatly. When it destroys an enemy unit, it’ll increase its attack power even more at the cost of a little HP.

Wrecker Rhino

When Wrecker Rhinos get enraged, they start attacking like mad. The second they stop attacking, they’ll start charging forward, obliterating whatever they crash into and increasing the attack power of the following attacks.

Limited-Time Lunar New Year Event Tons of Exclusive Rewards

 To welcome in the Lunar New Year and really kick up the holiday vibes, the Land of Souls will display a new year-themed background. Rayark’s also revealed that there will be a New Year Challenge where players get buckets of awesome rewards by reaching a certain score. These rewards include Shiny Star card packs, Epic Soul Capsules, and other goodies.

 Version 1.2 will also include a 2v2 mode update, customizable battleground functions and more. With all this great new content, players will definitely have loads of fun over the Lunar New Year holiday.

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