Dec. 17th, 2020
Rhythm-Exploration Game DEEMO -Reborn- Now on Mobile and Switch

Rayark’s DEEMO -Reborn- releases today (12/17) on iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch, offering tons of diverse gaming experiences. To celebrate the launch, the mobile version will be on sale for a limited time.

DEEMO -Reborn- keeps the story, as well as the rhythm and exploration gameplay of the original DEEMO and re-imagines it in beautiful 3D. These new mobile and Nintendo Switch releases follow the successful launch of PS4 and Steam versions.

To celebrate DEEMO -Reborn- coming to new platforms, its mobile releases are going on sale to 1.99 USD from an original price of 2.99 USD.

Mobile versions of DEEMO -Reborn- are also offering a 40% discount on its Platinum Bundle, which includes 11 song-packs for a total of 56 songs.

The Nintendo Switch version gives players two ways to play its rhythm sections, either with the Joy Cons or with the touch screen, and includes a whopping 732 charts, the highest amount out of all versions of DEEMO -Reborn-.

In both versions, DEEMO will be collaborating with Taiko no Tatsujin to offer a paid IAP song pack including 5 tracks. Both versions will also offer two new song packs, Greatest Hits_Vol.1 and Greatest Hits_Vol.2, each of which includes 5 moving tracks, including the maestro Sui’s “Wish Upon a Shooting Star” and Sakuzyo’s “AngelFalse”, with its intense rhythms and beautiful charts.

Rayark hopes fans and newcomers alike will enjoy the new tracks and charts available in these two new versions of DEEMO -Reborn-.

DEEMO -Reborn- Android

DEEMO -Reborn- iOS

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