Oct. 10th, 2020
Side-scrolling Puzzler MO: Astray Releases on Mobile 11/12/2020

Side-scrolling puzzler MO: Astray will release on phones 11/12/2020, with pre-registration starting Friday of this week (10/15). Those interested can pre-register using the App Store or Google Play.

MO: Astray iOS pre-registration
MO: Astray Android pre-registration

MO: Astray is a side-scrolling, action puzzle game rendered in beautiful pixel art. It released on PC in 2019, garnering very positive reviews on Steam, followed by a Nintendo Switch version. The upcoming mobile versions are set to be priced at 4.99 USD.

MO: Astray follows the story of its main character, MO, and its treacherous journey through a dilapidated, obstacle-ridden laboratory. On its adventure, players can learn more about MO and its plight by retrieving pieces of its scattered memories.
Players will have to test their platforming and puzzle-solving skills through chapters of increasingly difficult obstacles, using MO’s varied arsenal of skills to adapt to changing environments and complete the game.
MO: Astray is developed by Archpray Games, and published by Rayark Inc. It offers a fast, fluid gameplay experience through meticulously hand-drawn pixel-art envi-ronments.

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