May. 2nd, 2020
Rayark’s Livestream Program “Rayark LIVE”, Reveals the Latest Soul of Eden News

Today (5/2), Rayark Inc.’s livestream program “Rayark LIVE”, announces that players can pre-register for Soul of Eden on the Google Play Store. Besides this, the latest information about Cytus II, MO: Astray, Sdorica, and Implosion was also revealed. Furthermore, the company’s brand-new project, DEEMO II, that was revealed for the first-time last year, was the opening act for the livestream. The latest concept video for DEEMO II has been released, causing enthusiastic discussions among players online.

The livestream was about 10 minutes long, and when it was about to end, gameplay footage from Rayark’s casual game Mandora suddenly popped up on the screen. The final game symbol appeared and beneath the symbol were 2 hanging Mandoras. This seemed to hint that news related to Mandora will be announced in the future.
Rayark stated that Rayark LIVE may broadcast from time to time in the future, allowing players to get news about Rayark’s games all at once.

 Soul of Eden Begins Pre-Registration Event on Google Play, Warm-Up before the Game Launch

Serving as the grand finale of the livestream, besides displaying splendid OP animation that showcases the game’s features, the Soul of Eden trailer also announced the pre-registration event on the Google Play Store. Players from around the world are invited to register on the website in order to receive the latest news before the game launches.

From the trailer, players can see that the game includes 4 factions, each with their own defining feature: Tech, Magic, Beasts, Alien. Players can experience diverse characters and playstyles in stimulating 3-minute battles.

For detailed info about the game, please go to Soul of Eden’s concept website:

DEEMO II’s Concept Video Revealed, The Girl and Transparent Deemo Make Their Debut

At the end of last year, the brand-new DEEMO II project was revealed for the very first time. Today, a complete anime concept video for DEEMO II was released. Besides continuing with the main elements of “rain” and “flower”, the interaction between a girl and a transparent version of Deemo that runs throughout the whole video further hinted at the game’s two leading roles.

Ming-Yang Yu, the CEO of Rayark Inc., stated that although it will be a long time before the launch of the game, DEEMO II as it’s currently being developed has started pre-registration on the Google Play Store. At the same time, players from all over the world are welcome to register their email on DEEMO II’s concept website in order to receive the latest news about the game.

For detailed info about the game, please go to DEEMO II’s concept website:

Cytus II to Collaborate with Renowned Arcade Game maimai DX+, Announces Latest “Cytus CHAOS Lab” Exhibition News

Although the main storyline of Cytus II came to an end at the end of March, in the future the game will continue to launch new updates and collaborations that players can look forward to and allow them to keep on playing. In Rayark LIVE, Cytus’ producer, Gulu, announced that Cytus II will collaborate with maimai DX+, adding some well-known songs to Cytus II, such as “超常マイマイン”, “D✪N’T ST✪P R✪CKIN’", “Glorious Crown”, and more.

The DEEMO themed exhibition that was held last year received wonderful feedback from players around the world. Rayark announced that the “Cytus CHAOS Lab” exhibition will be held soon. Moreover, the complete art concept for the event was revealed for the very first time, showcasing in-game characters wearing fashionable apparel, and inviting players to continue to follow the latest news about the Cytus CHAOS Lab exhibition.
Cytus CHAOS Lab:

MO: Astray to be Launched on Nintendo Switch, Matches Newly Added Game Modes

The Steam game, MO: Astray, that was met with overwhelmingly positive reviews from players worldwide, has officially released a game preview for the Nintendo Switch version. Rayark announced that brand-new game modes that include a Timed mode and Disaster mode will be added to the game while the MO: Astray Nintendo Switch version is released.

Currently, the development team, Archpray, is in full production mode, looking forward to providing players with the newest game content.

Sdorica Summer Event Soon to Launch; Hints at Release of New Swimsuit Skin

Implosion Updated to Fit Android 10; Japanese Voiceovers Also Added

Besides the latest info concerning new games, Sdorica and Implosion announced news concerning game updates. As summer is right around the corner, Sdorica’s summer event is about to begin. This year, a brand-new swimsuit character skin will be released.

Furthermore, Implosion will be updated to version 1.5 to fit the latest OS system version, as well as adding Japanese voiceovers to the game in a motion to give back to all the players.

New Brand “Rayark Infuse” Cooperated in the Development of the New Game: “Chaos Academy”

Rayark’s CEO, Ming-Yang Yu, announced the birth of Rayark Infuse in the livestream. It’s a brand-new brand that’s infused with Rayark’s spirit of design which verifies that Rayark is ensuring the highest quality product. This brand will cooperate with various outstanding developers and participate in game projects’ development.

The first game that Rayark Infuse has worked on is called Chaos Academy. The game has a war chess playstyle with the feel of a trading card game. Its unique art style which includes diverse factions such as “Lost Paradise”, “Veda’s Deities”, “Ars Goetia”, “Cthulhu’s Call”, “Shen Zhou”, and “Onmyodo”, brings players a brand-new gaming experience.
Currently, Chaos Academy is running a beta test on the Google Play Store, inviting players to send in their feedback in order to adjust the game to its best form.

Head to Google Play to download Chaos Academy: