Apr. 16th, 2020
Sdorica 2nd Year Anniversary Special

2nd Year Anniversary Special Event “Balzac’s Heritage”

Event time (UTC): 2020.04.15 04:00~2020.05.12 21:00

Quest Opening Information:
4/15 04:00 Story quest “A Nightmare Descends” opens
4/15 21:00 Story quest “Dead End Ahead” opens
4/16 21:00 Story quest “Withering Twilight” opens
4/17 21:00 Story quest “The Dream is Over” opens

After completing all the story quests, the new Exploration Quest “A Tranquil Yard” will be open
※ After completing a story quest for the first time you can obtain “Mystery Chest”
※ In “A Tranquil Yard”, you can find the special exploration item “Newly-Grown Leaves”.
The deeper you explore, the more you’ll find!
※After a new quest is opened, you need to complete the former quests first in order to play the latter quests.

Limited Event Available
Event Time (UTC):2020.04.15 04:00~2020.05.12 21:00
After completing a series of 2nd year anniversary missions, you’ll obtain plentiful rewards that include Morris [Disdainful Soul] skin!
Besides this, starting from 21:00 (UTC) on 4/21, 4/28, and 5/5 a series of missions will be added! After completing the additional missions, you’ll obtain the special exploration item “Dew” x20. Using Dew before picking Newly-Grown Leaves will double the amount you obtain!

2020 Sdorica 2nd Year Anniversary Poll Party
※Please click the event icon in the game’s main page to log in and vote!

The third novel, Sdorica Before Mirage will be published on the internet
※To maintain the translation quality, currently the novel posted on the internet doesn’t have an English version. If there is any new information, we will make an announcement.

Further information of 《Sdorica》…

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