Oct. 30th, 2019
MO:Astray: The producer of the OST shared his experience

Hear what the producer of MO: Astray’s original soundtrack and member of Rayark’s music team, SIHanatsuka, have to say.

“I’m completely honored to be able to produce the entire soundtrack and the musical design for MO: Astray. When producing the theme song, Epilogue, I would play the game and take the storyline as a point of reference. I immersed myself completely in it, imagining the entire structure of the song. I took the atmosphere of the entire story as my main point of departure, so the production method that was developed tended towards popular wind and strings compositions. For the vocals, we invited L Lockser to interpret the entire tune. I’m so grateful for her making this song so perfectly complete. The lyrics were written by 海兎 (Kaito), describing the story of MO and the sound in his head. I believe that once you find out the conclusion of the story, listening to the lyrics with that in mind will make it that much more moving.”

“Two other songs, MO and Inside World, have parts where the melody is the same as Epilogue, putting different musical phrases in the former two songs, converging them to form the final theme song. That was an effort to symbolize MO’s collection of Memory Fragments throughout the game.” ─ SIHanatsuka

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