Interactive Events

“Bringing games into reality; Turning the virtual into an experience.”


Cytus CHAOS Lab - Connecting...



DEEMO themed exhibition – "After Alice, Before Deemo"

“Let’s learn, play, share, create and work together!”

The Taiwan-only gaming industry recruitment party,
Giving you all you need to know about gaming development and management, making this the most fun you’ll have at a recruitment fair!
Get ready to join in and start a life of gaming!


“The ideal way to talk with our players.”

In this festival for Rayark and fans,
Music ties our passion for games together.
Bringing the highlights of the year and expectations for the future to you, all in one place.

RayarkCon is broadcast for the very first time, bringing with it all the latest news.
There’s information regarding the newest game developments, launches on new platforms, and exciting news about upcoming collaborations.
Even a new project that’s yet to be revealed! Are you ready for some shocking news?

The show is about to begin, you ready?
A mix of e-sports, DJs, and announcements followed by a variety of gaming experience and venues. Creating a day filled with non-stop excitement!
Its time to play hard and party harder!

A brand new blend of symphony and techno, bringing you the ultimate musical sensation.
Flashing lights and dazzling shadows create the perfect show, just for you.
The latest game news and a mysterious new project, presented to you here.

Get ready for a new age of Rayark!
The musical party that is Cytus, the masterful fantasy of DEEMO, and the raging action of Implosion, all followed by unexplored horizons. They’re all waiting for you to dive in and discover them for yourself!

Esports Competitions

Cytus II

Looking for the best and the brightest in all the Nodes!
A search for those with the highest skills around, a musical spectacle for all Cytus II players, are you up for the challenge?



TW Battle - CHAOS -



JP Battle - CHAOS - Duel Match @Seoul MM Star Show @XM

Rayark Wonderland

Start from Taiwan and bring your gaming passion around the world!

With live performances for in-game tracks, a championship filled with the best of the best and live demos,
All here at Rayark Wonderland!