Easy and intuitive to play with active scan line and 3 kinds of notes
60+ songs and 120+ variations, including famous composer from all around the world
More than 10 levels difficulty, more challenge and more fun
Various music genere: POP, JAZZ, TRANCE, HARDCORE, DRUM'N BASS and many more
Game Center Leader board to challenge fingers from all over the world
I. Operators
“Operators, preserving & continuing lifetime memories eternally; desire for immortality finally comes true through pioneering technologies.”

~2130 A.D. ExtenLife Corp. World leading Operator manufacturer
II. Disaster
A mutated virus that is deadly contagious starting to spread out the universe sweepingly while there is absolutely no antidote to the disease, thousands of years of civilizations are on the line thereof. Cruelty shown forth, under the paling moonlight, calamity of destruction brought upon.
III. Cytus

OPERATOR 201173V: requesting memory data, name=Vanessa

OPERATOR 201173V: 200 OK

OPERATOR 201173V: requesting emotion data, name=Vanessa

OPERATOR 201173V: ERROR: 501 not implemented

OPERATOR 201173V: redirect to CYTUS to resolve conflicts

The Silence
IV. The Silence
V. Vanessa
Dear Diary:

Is it a fortune or misfortune,
to take part in the program of memory transferring?!

I would be able to survive in such a way,
when everybody else close to me passes away...
The Lost
VI. The Lost
function Operator:allocateStorage(size)
    local db = self:acquireDatabase()

    while db:getAvailableSpace() < size do
        local dated_item = db:query{
            number = 1,
            tag = "emotion",
            sort = "timestamp",

    local chunk = db:reserveSpace(size)
    return chunk
to be continued