Dec. 16th, 2021
DEEMO II Reveals Original Character Concept Art

 DEEMO II is slated to release in Q1 2022, just in time for Rayark’s 10th anniversary. Its pre-registration event has just recently begun, already garnering over 500,000 participants. Rayark has invited its art team to shed some insight on the creative process and inspirations behind DEEMO II’s visuals.

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Over 50 Starting Characters With Unique Styles and Personalities

 Compared to the original DEEMO, its sequel is absolutely brimming with story content, as well as a myriad of quirky side characters to befriend. The art team was given freedom to flex its creative muscles with each NPC, known as ‘residents’ in-game, giving them fun exteriors to match their exaggerated personalities. Players can expect a kaleidoscope of kooky characters as they get to know each and every station resident, never knowing just who they’ll run into next or what they’ll look like.

Original Character Concept Art

 The art team tried multiple styles to find one which best let the characters’ personalities, as well as game’s story and atmosphere shine through, landing on an art style much different from past games. Echo, in particular, went through countless iterations before the team decided on her current look and feel.

Deemo’s Makeover

 While Deemo was a lanky, pitch-black figure in the first game, he’s a decidedly more transparent, ghostly, and almost watery figure in DEEMO II. Indeed, the art team wanted Deemo’s look to mesh with the game’s rainy theme. The ivory hue of this sequel’s Deemo also pairs well with his ebony predecessor to invoke images of black and white piano keys, reflecting Deemo’s strong connection with the instrument.

Hand-Drawn Mixed With 3D Visuals

 Players of DEEMO II will explore the entirety of its ‘Central Station’ to advance the story. To make the station come alive, as well as lend a storybook feel to the experience, the art team chose to marry hand-drawn, anime-esque visuals with more traditional 3D fare. Its detail-rich backdrops lend an almost life-like feel to exploration, while allowing the quirkiness of its characters and locations to shine through.

 The team revealed that creating one location, from inception to completion, could take over two months. To create a realistic train station, the team researched actual train stations from around the world. By combining various unique cultural elements, such as those from Japanese and English train stations, with aspects from other types of buildings such as churches and cathedrals, the team was able to create somewhere truly magical, simultaneously realistic and fantastical.

Detailed Locations Packed With Easter Eggs

 By playing songs in DEEMO II, players will increase their ‘Repair Progress’, resulting in a fixed loudspeaker, cleared up rain, and the ability to enter a new portion of the station. As the rain clears and the sun shines, the team has carefully adjusted the station’s lighting to match, showing brighter rays of sunlight shining through the clouds as one moves the story forward.

 Rayark also promises that DEEMO II will be chock full of easter eggs, just like their previous games. There will always be new secrets for players to discover while exploring the game’s world, and logging in during seasonal events.

 With DEEMO II entering its pre-registration stage and putting the finishing touches on development, it shouldn’t be long before players around the world can dive in and feast their eyes, and ears!

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