Dec. 16th, 2021
Cytus II × Arknights

Rayark’s Cytus II 4.4.5 update releases today (Dec 16), available as a limited-time free download. This update brings with it an exciting new collaboration with the mobile tower defense game, Arknights. Purchasing the brand-new paid character, Amiya, will permanently unlock ten popular songs for players to enjoy.

▲ Cytus II x Arknights Cover Art

Cytus II x Arknights Collaboration Teaser

Brand-New Character – The Youthful Yet Determined Girl - Amiya

In an all-new, exclusive storyline, Amiya sets out on a thrilling adventure after encountering the original Cytus II character, Aroma. With her iconic look, including her signature rings and bunny ears, Amiya is ready to take players on an exciting new journey.

Amiya Intro-
 A fantasy-themed virtual block named Arc Nights has been developed by A.R.C within the world of Cytus II. As destiny would have it, Aroma gets the chance to enter Arc Nights due to her fear of singing on stage. She encounters Amiya, the leader of a certain pharmaceutical company, and embarks on an adventure across the wilderness. Little does she know, it all relates back to a long-forgotten page of history…

▲ Cytus II’s Exclusive Amiya Storyline

A catalogue of 10 well-known Arknights songs has come to Cytus II, including “Renegade”, “Boiling Blood”, “Speed of Light”, “ALIVE”, “Operation Blade”, “ManiFesto”, “Operation Pyrite”, “Evolutionary Mechanization”, “El Brillo Solitario” and “Keep the torch”.

Arknights fans are sure to enjoy these brand-new charts as they dive deep into Amiya’s unique Cytus II adventure.

Winter Sale Begins - 9 Characters 50% OFF + 50% OFF Access to CAPSO!

Not only is Cytus II free to download for a limited time, but this update also brings with it the latest in-game Winter Sale. Starting today until Jan 3, 2022, players can get their hands on 50% discounted access to CAPSO! as well as 50% off Xenon, ConneR, Cherry, JOE, Aroma, Neko, Nora, Sagar and Rin.

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