Apr. 24th, 2020
DEEMO Updates to Version 3.7

Greetings dear players,
Thanks for your support and love for DEEMO.

【4/24 ~ 5/04 Limited-Time Discount】

  • DEEMO App ios free download for a limited time
  • DEEMO App android IAP (full version) on sale for 0.99 USD

【DEEMO 3.7.2 Update Content】

  • Fixed display errors in Samsara collection / Etude collection / Collaboration collection

【DEEMO 3.7 Update Content】

  • Newly added: 3 free songs added to “Shattered Memories 2”
  • Newly added: Paid song packs “Spring Selections / Emotional Addict Collection / AD:Piano Collection 3”
  • Enhanced gameplay experience and optimized UI
  • New Bookshelf Bundle system added. Players can buy multiple songs packs at once at a discounted rate.
  • Players can also pre-order song packs that have yet to be released.
    ※In order to match the Bookshelf system that’s newly added in DEEMO 3.7 version, some song packs’ price for the Android version will be adjusted. The new prices will take effect starting from 2020/05/01.

Detailed price adjustments are as follows:

Before the adjustment HKD 29.9 -> After the adjustment HKD 28
Before the adjustment TWD 120 -> After the adjustment TWD 130
Before the adjustment JPY 480 -> After the adjustment JPY 500
Before the adjustment KRW 4,500 -> After the adjustment KRW 4,500


  1. The price will not be affected if purchasing all at once with the Bookshelf.
  2. Due to the difference in daily exchange rates, the price may fluctuate. Please refer to the actual price that displays when purchasing.
  3. The players that have completed the purchase before the price adjustment takes effect will not be affected.

The song packs’ price that’ll be adjusted are as follows:
AD:PIANO Collection
AD:PIANO Collection 2
DS:PIANO Collection
L: The Lower Collection
L: The Upper Collection
Knight Iris Collection
Knight Rosabell Collection
Cytus Selection Vol.1
Cytus Selection Vol.2
Rayark Selection Vol.1
Rayark Selection Vol.2
Rayark Selection Vol.3
RAC Collection #1
RAC Collection #2
RAC Collection #3
RAC Collection #4
RAC Collection #5
RAC Collection #6
MILI Collection
MILI Collection Vol.2
MILI Collection Vol.3
Aioi Collection
V.K Collection
Book of Alice
Rabpit Collection
Sakuzyo Collection
Brian Crain Collection
Eshen Chen Colleciton Vol.1
Team Grimoire Collection
Timeline Collection
Vocal Selection
Yamajet Collection
M2U X NICODE Collection
Cranky Collection
Feryquitous Collection
Funkot Collection
N.M.S.T. Collection


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